Tips from Our Sponsors

The Kreeffees relies on our sponsor’s support to keep running. Without the support of these sponsors we could not survive. Jaguar Products is one such sponsor, assisting us will a number of fibreglass products for the Lambert’s Bay Kreeffees. In fact, Jaguar Products have probably manufactured and facilitated the installation of over 90% of the fibreglass swimming pools owned by the residents of Lambert’s Bay.

A debate that leaves the world divided. What is better, a concrete pool or a fibreglass pool? Some people swear by a concrete pool while others swear by a fibreglass pool. There is no middle ground. This article will seek to determine which pool type is better for you, the home owner.

Firstly, the pros of a concrete pool. Concrete pools are more customizable shape wise than fibreglass pools. So if you are looking for a pool with an “L” shape then concrete is the way to go. From a design perspective, concrete gives you more freedom than fibreglass.
Concrete pools are also better if you want your pool to have rock features. The concrete looks more natural and earthy than fibreglass.
If you are looking to build a pond or want your small pool to have the appearance of a pond, then concrete is far superior to fibreglass in this aspect. The concrete appearance makes the pool look more natural than man-made, like a fibreglass pool.
For diving pools, or any pool deeper than 2.5 meters, concrete is decidedly superior. Fibreglass pools can’t be made too deep without damaging the integrity of the product or your wallet.
Concrete pools can also be made larger than fibreglass pools, which caps at around 4×12 meters. Concrete pools can be made as large as you want. If you want a pool that stretches your entire backyard then you should consider a concrete pool. Lambert’s Bay has a definite preference for fibreglass as opposed to concrete. In fact most of the boats used in the crayfish or kreef industry are manufactured out of it.

Fibreglass pools have many pros, most of which address the cons of concrete pools. Where concrete pools are rough on your feet (especially children’s feet), fibreglass is smoother and won’t hurt your feet. Costly fibreglass moulds are required to manufacture them.
Fibreglass pools, despite having a slightly higher initial cost than a concrete pool, is cheaper in the long run as it requires less maintenance. Fibreglass pools require less than 30 minutes of maintenance a week. In the long run, fibreglass pools are less likely to break and require structural repairs. Concrete pools on the other hand are extremely costly to repair when they break.
Fibreglass pools are quick to install. Where concrete pools require months to build, fibreglass pools can be fully installed within 2 weeks. This means you get your pool sooner and have to worry less about construction people in your back yard.

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If you are looking for a salt pool, then a fibreglass pool is for you. Salt water is abrasive to concrete pools’ surfaces which means you will have to resurface your concrete pool sooner than you would like. Salt water doesn’t affect fibreglass surfaces and that makes fibreglass the clear winner for salt pools.
Fibreglass is non-porous, meaning it is very hard for algae to grow on a fibreglass surface. If you want to avoid spending money and time trying to combat algae in your pool, maybe you should try fibreglass.
When trying to sell your house, many potential home owners will look at the pool. A concrete pool is off-putting because it is hard to determine the age, quality and level of degradation of the surface. Potential home owners, on average, prefer fibreglass pools because they represent one less hassle to worry about.
With fibreglass pools being made in a mould, customization is cheap with things like built-in steps not incurring any additional costs. Companies such as Jaguar Products, will build the pool to your specifications and ensure a top class product.

To sum it all up. If you want a large, aesthetically pleasing pool then concrete is for you. If you, on the other hand, prefer a no nonsense pool that will save you money in the long run then fibreglass is your best bet.