Volunteers at Kreeffees

Finding a suitable job in South Africa is a difficult mission to accomplish lately. Having a qualification isn’t an adequate amount of job creation and the more people graduate, the harder it will be to find a job. It is not enough that you are qualified but you also need the relevant experience to be a game changer in your field. Sadly, that is the story of every graduate. African Sunrise Volunteers is a Cape Town based company that assists students and graduates who are willing to come and volunteer in South Africa.
The first thing any student or graduate thinks about after completing their studies is the amount of money they going to make. It is good to think about ways of earning ends meet but sometimes things don’t go as planned and you need to be open to other options. Yes, the years of hard work gave you every reason to push harder but what if you don’t get a job right away?
With the rapid increase of graduates, it is common that former students may find themselves in a job they didn’t study for. This should not demoralize you; we all have to start somewhere.

It was at last years Kreef Fees where I met up with a group of girls from Sweden who were taking part in a volunteering project in Cape Town.

Volunteering is another option you can consider. Most people find volunteer work as boring but it is actually a very active job.
If there are no openings to the jobs you are applying for, you can volunteer to work for companies instead. Some companies just cater for transport money and food while some nothing at all. This is not how you should be looking at volunteer work. It is a way of grooming you and uplifting your career in the best way possible.
Also, it gives you bonus points in your resume when you apply for jobs because this gives companies a sense a commitment from your part. This alone gives you a head start in your career path and shows the type of dedication you have. It some cases, volunteering can land you a permanent job so it all depends on how you perform on your set projects.
The monetary benefits are nothing compared to required experience in your designated field. If you have an open mindset and are willing to learn all that you can, volunteering might turn out to be the best decisions you have done in your career path.
Volunteering is not only about you and what you would like to achieve out of the program. It is about helping other people embrace their diversity and growth. If you were to volunteer in a Children’s Home in Cape Town for instance, you would realize the joy it gives you to be able to help a child.
Cape Town offers a wide range of volunteering programs and at the end of the project, it is satisfying to know that you were able to impact another child’s life. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to be a mother, father, brother or sister to people who deserve it most. It is one of the best feelings to know that you are part of the change that is happening in a child’s growth.
If you have a heart of gold, a willing spirit and an uplifting soul, being a volunteer South Africa is definitely something you might enjoy doing. Accommodation is normally included in your price package so you won’t have to worry about where you going to sleep after a long day of playing God Mother. Children are such a precious gift and they only need love and somebody who believes in them.
Pretty easy to do right? Yes. A thousand times yes. The joy of serving the younger generation to be greater pioneers is worth every moment you are going to share with these future leaders! Live your life not because you just living but live it to change the lives of others.

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